11 Titles
Red blackground with book title written in black.

Advancing Racial Equality in Higher Education

Ashlee Christoffersen (ed), Aerin Lai (ed), Nasar Meer (ed)
31 July 2023
A white cover with beige bird outlines dotted on two black lines resembling telephone pole wires.

Birds of Midlothian

Radina Atanasova, Mayu Ishimoto
9 October 2023

Fundamentals of Music Theory

Michael Edwards, John Kitchen, Nikki Moran, Zack Moir, Richard Worth
26 October 2021
Cover is white with multiple peach outlines, with one peach halved open, in colour with the put showing.

Shame, Stigma and Colorectal Health for Bottoms

Richard Vytniorgu, Jaime Garcia-Iglesias, Azeem Merchant
18 November 2022

Stories of HIV activists during COVID-19 in the UK

Chase Ledin, Olujoke Fakoya, Jaime Garcia-Iglesias
20 October 2022
A book cover displaying a drawing of a bird sat on a branch that is partially coloured in.

We Have Great Stuff: Colouring Book Volume 1

Stewart Lamb Cromar; Jackie Aim, Beth Rossi, Laura Beattie, Chinyere Herbert, Tracey McShane, Marta Christiansen, Kirsty McNab, Sarah Thomas; Qi Li; Asthana Devika, Emily Tanner, Crystal Check
1 April 2019
Book cover showing a castle within a circle which is partially coloured in.

We Have Great Stuff: Colouring Book Volume 2

Stewart Lamb Cromar, Marta Christiansen; Catherine Koppe, Jackie Aim, Tracey McShane, Kirsty Ross, Lily Mellon
1 November 2021

We Have Great Women in STEM: Colouring Book Volume 3

Ally Mckay, Stewart Cromar; Jackie Aim, Sharon Chen, Dagmar Danielsen, Claudia Earl, August Enger, Mayu Ishimoto, Karen McPhail, Catherine Munn, Jenna Owen, Maarya Sharif, Kirsty Tragis, Wenwen Wang, Zequn Wang, Alysha Wilson (Illustrator)
10 October 2023