New Releases

Translating Research into Change: Reporting the Lived Experience of hEDS and HSD in Scotland

Kathryn Berg, Dervil Dockrell; Rose Matheson (Illustrator)
7 May 2024

Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS) and Hypermobile Spectrum Disorders (HSD) in Scotland: A Scrapbook of Lived Experiences

Kathryn Berg, Dervil Dockrell; Rose Matheson (Illustrator); Sally Ross, Scott Winchester, Joanna Sinclair, Stephanie Thomson, Shae Morgon, Rebecca King, Ruth Mutch, Emma Bennon, Alice Dickinson, Nathan Corr, Ian Willis, Amy Hood, Susan McGill, Fiona Brown, Francesca Scappaticcio, Judith Gilbert, Jennifer Jones, Lucy Millar, Carina McIntosh, Maria Goldie, Anne Sutherland, Michele Goldie (Event Participant)
7 May 2024
A white cover with beige bird outlines dotted on two black lines resembling telephone pole wires.

Birds of Midlothian

Radina Atanasova, Mayu Ishimoto
9 October 2023
Red blackground with book title written in black.

Advancing Racial Equality in Higher Education

Ashlee Christoffersen (ed), Aerin Lai (ed), Nasar Meer (ed)
31 July 2023

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