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Cover is white with multiple peach outlines, with one peach halved open, in colour with the put showing.

Shame, Stigma and Colorectal Health for Bottoms

Richard Vytniorgu, Jaime Garcia-Iglesias, Azeem Merchant
18 November 2022

Stories of HIV activists during COVID-19 in the UK

Chase Ledin, Olujoke Fakoya, Jaime Garcia-Iglesias
20 October 2022

Translating Research into Change: Reporting the Lived Experience of hEDS and HSD in Scotland

Kathryn Berg, Dervil Dockrell; Rose Matheson (Illustrator)
7 May 2024

Unlock & Revive: A key to wellbeing for people living with dementia through online heritage sessions

Barbora Skarabela, Ruthanne Baxter, Zuzana Elliott, Stephen Smith
1 January 2022