Shame, Stigma and Colorectal Health for Bottoms


Richard Vytniorgu
University of Edinburgh
Jaime Garcia-Iglesias
University of Edinburgh
Azeem Merchant
University of Edinburgh


colorectal healthcare, shame, stigma, sexuality, gender


This working paper explores the intersections of shame and stigma among GBMSM (gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men) bottoms seeking colorectal healthcare. Situating these experiences in the context of complex gender performances and anxieties, the paper discusses key factors shaping bottoms’ experience of shame and stigma when seeking care for colorectal conditions.  The paper highlights the perspectives of community stakeholders interested in identifying and tackling barriers to colorectal healthcare. It also identifies strategic areas for further research and collaboration, including pursuing arts-based approaches to educating healthcare providers in GBMSM sexual wellbeing.

Cover is white with multiple peach outlines, with one peach halved open, in colour with the put showing.



18 November 2022