Headspace App


Keith Farquhar
University of Edinburgh


Portfolio, Practice Based, exhibition, mixed media


Headspace App was an exhibition of seventeen works by Farquhar at Cabinet Gallery, London, from 1 September – 10 November 2018. It consisted of a collection of mixed media works and adapted found objects inspired by Farquhar’s daily life in Edinburgh, such as the commute on public transport, the use of meditation apps, visits to the municipial sauna, childcare, shopping and visits to the gym. Farquhar employs painterly, sculptural and moving-image processes, together with conceptual strategies, to advance the artistic potential of the readymade object. The works explore the impact of contemporary capitalist and consumerist culture on human experience and demonstrate ways in which forms of adaption and resistance can manifest. They combine this conceptual critique with an investigation into the technical and aesthetic conditions of image making in the digital age and attempt to further imagine the everchanging status of appropriation within contemporary culture. Following the exhibition at Cabinet, one of the works was selected for the 25th anniversary of the art fair Artissima at the Oval, Turin, Italy (1 – 4 November 2018). The fair attracted 50,000 visitors. The international fashion house, Symonds Pearmain, subsequently used Farquhar’s installation for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection. In place of hosting a runway show, they filmed their 2019 collection against the backdrop of Farquhar’s Cabinet exhibition.

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