We Have Great Women in STEM: Colouring Book Volume 3


Ally Mckay; Stewart Cromar; Jackie Aim; Sharon Chen; Dagmar Danielsen; Claudia Earl; August Enger; Mayu Ishimoto; Karen McPhail; Catherine Munn; Jenna Owen; Maarya Sharif; Kirsty Tragis; Wenwen Wang; Zequn Wang; Alysha Wilson


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Welcome to the third edition of the “We Have Great Stuff” colouring book series!

In this edition, we have set out to celebrate and showcase the inspiring women in STEM at the University of Edinburgh. You might recognize their names from University buildings, rooms, and plaques, but now it’s time to put faces to these names. Their lives, work, and legacies are a testament to the remarkable achievements taking place at our University, past and present.

The illustrations in this edition were brought to life through a series of collaborative workshops, where members of the Edinburgh community came together to learn new skills and indulge in creative pursuits. Students, interns, staff members, and professors all joined forces to highlight the extraordinary accomplishments of these women and create these wonderful drawings.

I hope this colouring book will provide you with a mindful and enjoyable break from your busy day and give you a chance to appreciate the brilliant women in STEM here at the University of Edinburgh.

Happy colouring!

Ally McKay (B.A. Illustration Student)

With help from:

  • Cait MacPhee
  • Estifa’a Zaid
  • Frances B low
  • Hannah Shuttleworth
  • Holly Bridge
  • JC Denis
  • Jenny Gracie
  • Lothian Health Services Archive
  • Maria Fanourgiaki
  • Marialuisa Aliotta
  • Mylaine Holin
  • Nisha Grewal
  • Orianna Ball
  • Rosa Santomartino
  • Sally Shaw
  • Sarah Ressel


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10 October 2023



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