Dave Murray-Rust
University of Edinburgh


Portfolio, Practice Based, installation, interactive


Lichtsuchende is an interactive installation that investigates relations between humans and robots. It consists of a group of robotic sunflowers that use light as a form of communication. It was created by Murray-Rust in collaboration with the design researcher Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld. It has been exhibited at nine international venues, including Edinburgh’s Hidden Door Festival (2014), the New Technology Art Awards, Ghent (2014) and GLOBALE: ExoEvolution (2015), curated by media theorist Peter Weibel, at the Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany – an important international venue for technological art. The work has reached audiences in excess of 40,000.Lichtsuchende was awarded the 2019 Lumen Prize, the British Computing Society Award for Artificial Intelligence and Art, which celebrates the best work created annually using art and technology from across the globe.

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30 May 2024


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